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Paradors are open with your health and comfort very much in focus

1st September 2020

We are very pleased to announce that Paradors* reopened all their hotels on the 25th June after 3 months of lockdown in Spain (*except Leon). The Spanish Government has established very strict measures for the operation and use of hotel and hospitality services, with a very defined plan for social distancing and extremely strong requirements for new hygienic procedures to be followed, to which Paradors have expressed their total commitment. The network of Paradors is very fortunate in that most of the hotels are spacious but with a low guest capacity, and many are located in remote settings or locations that do not attract mass tourism, naturally restricting the number of guests in each property and in their surroundings to a very low number.

Almost all hospitality services in Spain have reopened, often on a reduced scale initially, but the country has now exited its state of emergency and is gradually returning to a cautious state of normality. The Government is still insisting its citizens maintain social distancing but has gradually increased their freedom of movement and Spain's borders are now open for international tourists to be able to return.

This covers all aspects of tourism from hotels to restaurants and golf courses, and we already know that bars, restaurants and cafes have reopened steadily across the country, maximising the use of outdoor terraces and spaces. The Government has, as you might expect, a very well-structured plan to the tiered opening of these services whilst monitoring the containment of the virus. Many cultural tourist attractions such as the Alhambra are now open but with fewer visitors permitted each day. You can also view more details here of the social measures required for travellers to adopt when in Spain

All travellers to Spain must fill out an “FCS” form in advance, informing the authorities of their arrival flight details and passport number which can be found here:

The Spanish Tourist Office has issued strict guidelines and procedures for all tourism businesses to adhere to, which can be viewed here:

  Spanish Goverment Guidelines

In brief, you must complete the short FCS form on the above Spain Travel Health website and you must carry a mask and be prepared to wear it in public places. We recommend that you review the Spanish Tourist Office website (above) just prior to travelling so that you are informed with the latest information on where you might need to wear a mask in public.

Strict measures are being enforced for air travel including the use of masks at key points in airports and for the duration of the flight, social distancing as well as the requirement to fill in an online questionaire about your movements. Hygienic measures such as disinfection gels are being provided in airports and on flights.

Let us update you on what steps Paradors are taking to ensure the highest level of hygiene to safeguard both you, the client, and their staff. Initial reports from returning clients is extremely complimentary about Paradors' approach to safety and enjoyment, so we are pleased to confirm Paradors' success in balancing client safety with pleasure. New hygiene protocols are being applied in the areas that clients and staff use, as follows:

- In the reception areas, protective screens have been installed and swifter check-in and check-out procedures are in place to reduce the amount of time spent in this area. All room keys are cleaned between use. All surfaces that are touchable such as tables, chairs and sofas are wiped down with hydroalcoholic gel frequently including pens and materials available for common use.

- Cleansing stations have been set up with hydroalcoholic gels and masks provided in reception areas.

- Bedrooms are being thoroughly cleaned between use. Surfaces, remote controls, telephones, door handles and taps are wiped down carefully and any unnecessary furnishings and furniture will be temporarily removed to enable a thorough cleansing to be carried out between each guest.

- In the restaurants, controls are in place with a reduced seating capacity to provide greater space around guests. Paradors’ restaurants already open early for many of us who prefer to dine earlier than the Spanish might (at around 8.15 or 8.30pm) and remain open for several hours, enabling guests to enter the restaurants at staggered intervals much as normal. In the kitchens, cutlery and crockery are being disinfected and served in attractive personal pouches, and all produce is being handled very carefully so as to maintain the highest level of hygiene.
Breakfast is served by waiting staff and tables will be booked in advance, allowing you to still choose from Paradors' very extensive range of hot breakfast dishes which will be brought to your table rather than chosen from an open buffet, along with drinks and juices, and a cold buffet will also be available for you to choose items. A manager is on hand to oversee the breakfast operation specifically to ensure that you can enjoy the full Parador breakfast experience with confidence that the appropriate hygienic measures and social distancing are being maintained.
Similarly, dinner is served with the usual waiter service and plenty of space around each guest.
The layout of furniture in the bar areas has been redesigned to provide greater space for customers with slightly different provision of services such as snacks tailored to each individual.

- Check-in can be done optionally via an email link (we will inform you about this at time of booking) to reduce the time spent checking in, or upon arrival at the Parador in the usual fashion.

- The water quality of swimming pools is checked more frequently for virus-killing chemicals to be maintained at the optimum level, and the areas around the pool have been redesigned to maximise space for each client and cleansed frequently.

Paradors aim to go above and beyond the new procedures required by the Spanish Government to put you at your ease.

Paradors Guidelines

During the coming months, you may have more questions regarding these new measures and any concerns that you may have. We are available to help you as best we can by phone and email during office hours.

The team at Keytours


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