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Paradors' Rebranding

13th August 2015

Following the Paradors’ recent review of standards, the hotels have been rebranded into three individual categories with the aim of redefining the character and appeal of each property to help clients choose the right Parador.


Helping you to get the most out of your city stay whether the purpose of your trip is for work or leisure. Civia Paradors provide you with the comforts you enjoy at home, in a destination full of opportunities to explore. These Paradors offer a wide range of facilities combined with the latest technology making them suitable for events and groups.





Castles, palaces, former convents and monasteries, these Paradors allow guests to gaze back in time in some of Spain’s most magnificent historical treasures. Some Esentia Paradors may be over four centuries old, however they are equipped with all the modern conveniences meanwhile retaining their charm and character; they are unique hotels echoing memories and stories of the past.





Paradors defined by their location in a particular site of beauty and tranquillity - by the coast, in the mountains or the countryside. Naturia Paradors are the perfect places to relax and enjoy nature’s offerings in comfortable surroundings.








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