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Kingdom of León Route

Per person sharing double room£330£489
Extra bed for adult£255£414
Extra child up to 12 years£40£120
Single occupation£580£739

2019 Dates of operation: 3 February - 7 April, 21 April - 12 May, 26 May, 9 June - 7 July, 15 September, 29 September, 13 October - 20 October, 3 - 24 November, 8 - 15 December


This Route invites you to make a trip through spectacular natural landscapes with many buildings with their own
character, and areas of famous wine as well. We are celebrating 1100th anniversary of the Kingdom of León
(910 - 2010)

Suggested access airports: Bilbao/Madrid


First Night: Parador de VILLAFRANCA
An important milestone along the Camino de Santiago, and the last part of the route in the province of León. Villafranca was declared a site of historic and artistic interest in 1965. Among its many monuments, the Santiago and La Colegiata churches are of special note, as are San Francisco and La Anunciada Convents.

Second Night: Parador de BENAVENTE
Benavente will be the next stop on the Route. The village is located at an strategic location, where the fertile valleys of the Esla, Órbigo and Tera rivers join. We reach the Parador, located in the Castillo de la Mota. It seems as if this castle was erected at the times when King Ferdinand II resettled this area in the XII century. There is plenty to see and enjoy in this village, like the churches of Santa María de Azogue or San Juan del Mercado, and the Hospital of La Piedad, built during the XVI century to host the pilgrims in the Saint James Way.

Third Night: Parador de PUEBLA DE SANABRIA
Puebla de Sanabria has with no doubt attractiveness due to its natural setting, the main of which is the Lago de Sanabria Natural Park. The lake is the largest natural lake on the Iberian Peninsula. Among its artistic monuments, we may point out the imposing castle (XV century), erected by the Count of Benavente, the church of Santa María del Azogue (XII century, Romanesque style, but with important remodeling in the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries), the chapel of San Cayetano (XVII century, baroque) and the Town Hall building (XVI century), all of which has made the village to be declared Historical-Artistic Complex.

Fourth Night: Parador de ZAMORA
Zamora is known as the capital town of Romanesque style, because the large amount of monuments through its streets, emphasizing the impressive Cathedral. Close to the town, in vary short distance, you may visit villages of high monumental value like La Hinojosa. In the town you should visit the medieval centre, the churches of San Isidro, San Pedro and San Ildefonso, The Encarnación Hospital and the Palace of Momos Churches. Palaces, old noble houses, convents and medieval streets are waiting for you to be discover.

Fith Night: Parador de CIUDAD RODRIGO
A beautiful village fully of history, which visitors may discover through its cathedral from the XII century, the city wall -erected by King Ferdinand II of León, the Town Hall of the XVI century-, the Palace of the Castro and the one of the Águila, the House of the Vázquez, the Cerralbo Chapel, of the XVI and XVII century, the convent of San Francisco, the church of San Andrés or the convent of Las Claras, and many others. This village will invite you to make a trip through the time.

Sixth and Seventh Nights: Parador de SALAMANCA
Walk by to the centre of the Plaza Mayor -the Main Square- (baroque style, XVIII century), open your eyes and be seduced by its beauty and its harmony. The square is the heart of the town from where to start a tour to discover many of the monuments like the Casa de las Conchas (XV century), the Old Cathedral (XIII century), the New Cathedral (from XVI to XVIII century) or the University (XVI century). Salamanca is full of churches, old and noble palaces, hosts a prestigious university; a lively city that wants to be enjoyed at every moment.

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